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Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

The Canadian Maple Leaf Silver bullion coins are easily recognizable, and highly sought after by those who buy silver coins, due to their purity and striking beauty. These are the official silver coins of Canada, and they have been minted yearly since 1988 by the RCM (Royal Canadian Mint).

The Front: The front of the coin features Queen Elizabeth II, with three different variations; a young version, an old version, and an even older version. The year the coin was minted is also displayed on the front.

The Back: As you might expect by its name, the rear of the coin features the maple leaf. It also states that the coin represents 1 ounce of fine silver.

Facts and History

The stated face value for these 1 ounce silver coins is five Canadian dollars. This is the highest amount for any internationally recognized silver bullion coin. In February of 2008, the coin’s market value was four times its face value, due in part to the fact that it is comprised of 99.99% silver, the highest percentage among silver bullion coins meeting the 99.90% standard.

Typically, the silver coins will be exactly one troy ounce of silver (31.1 g), and will feature the basic maple leaf. However, there have been many variations, including a proof release in 1989, ... Read More...

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The Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Even though The Silver Maple Leaf Coin is not a coin designed, manufactured or distributed by the United States of America, there is a great amount of collectors in the United States that would not mind getting their hands on this Canadian silver coin. This silver coin is actually one of the most collected Canadian silver coins in the country of Canada. This collector’s item is professionally a silver bullion coin issued by Canada. These coins are highly produced. Since the Canadian government had the design made and had manufacturing process ready in 1988, the silver Maple Leaf coin has been produced by the Royal Canadians Mint. The Silver Maple Leaf Coin actually preceded the old Maple Leaf Coin.

The Silver Maple Leaf Coin is a very nicely designed coin. The original coins observe side displayed the inscribed effigy of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II. Even through this was the original Silver Maple Leaf Coin, it has had many inscriptions on the coin. The inscription on the obverse side of the coin is “Elizabeth II”, the date it was made, and the legal tender face value of “5 Dollars”. The Maple Leaf is featured on the reverse side of the coin. Also the maple leaf is the national emblem of the country of Canada. The other inscriptions that are shown on the coin are “9999 Fine Silver”, “1oz”, “Canada”, and “9999 Argent Pur”.

Even trough it seems like the Silver Maple Leaf Coin is not that heavy, it does weigh one whole troy ounce (1oz) of silver, and the purity of its silver is 99.99 percent. There have also been special issued Silver Maple Leaf Coins released onto circulation. The proof version of the silver maple leaf coin was rel... Read More...

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