American Eagle Silver Dollars

American Eagle Silver Dollars are a safe, secure form of . These coins were minted from 24th November 1986, and are the official of the United States. The face value of these coins is $1.00 and they contain 99.9% pure silver. The remaining percentage of metal in the coin is copper.

Because of the purity, the coins have a predictable yield of silver when refined for the bullion value. All the Silver Dollars are guaranteed by the US Mint to contain the right percentage of silver. The minting process is very secure and all variations and origins of coins are meticulously tracked.

Characteristics of the American Eagle Silver Dollars

As a buyer of these coins, you should be aware of what the coins look like and what their characteristics are, so that you do not get conned into buying worthless, or highly devalued coins. It is also best to buy from reputable dealers. These people buy and sell in bulk, so their prices are competitive and directly related to the market value of silver.

Avoid buying special “collectors’ edition” coins from home shopping channels, or gift stores for . Many of these collections will be based on a particular theme or time period. While this may have novelty value, or human , it almost always means nothing to serious collectors.

In fact, many non-standard silver dollars, or modified American , are worth less than the face value of $1.00. This is because of the addition of other metals for decoration, or paint. Since these coins are worth less than their face value, they need to be refined to get their value as bullion. Because of the impurities from paint and cheaper metals, the is more involved and the final price you get is even less than it ought to be.

The obverse side of the American Eagle Silver Dollar, has the Walking . This design dates back to 1916 and it is a great favorite amongst collectors and the general public. The reverse side of the coin has the heraldic eagle, with a shield and thirteen five-pointed stars. The stars represent the original thirteen colonies of the USA.

Beware of Fake Coins

The edge is reeded and the year of minting is always displayed. You can spot a fake quite easily, just by comparing it to a real coin, or pictures of a real coin. There are many fakes and a lot of them originate in China. Common mistakes include attributing minting to a year before the Walking Liberty design was created., such as 1906. This is done to confuse people, because they think the differences in design are due to a minting year that they are not familiar with.

The American Eagle Silver dollars were minted and introduced onto the open market, as a means of bringing down the federal deficit in the 1980′s. The silver originated from the Defense National Stockpile. It took many years for the project to start, since many players in the industry, including silver mining companies, were worried about the falling, due to the sudden re-introduction of the stockpile onto the market.

Due to the controversy of the decision and the potential to harm the silver trade, the American Eagle Silver Dollar is under strict regulation when it is minted and distributed. This makes it a safe investment, if you are willing to wait until the right time before selling silver.


  • John B. says:

    American Eagle silver dollars are my all time favorite and the coin I possess the most. What I do is I try to buy as many as silver dollars as I can for that current year. I have been doing that since 1993. God bless America!

  • Jon says:

    I only buy eagle dollars for investment purposes.

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